our values


JVA is a leading real estate advisory and consultancy firm founded by Julio C. Villamide. For 40 years we have been the leading company in the country, always fullfilling and exceeding the expectations of our clients. During these years we were able to adapt to constant change in the global economy and in local market conditions, by focusing on improving our products and service offerings.



JVA has been a pioneer in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility through its passion for researching the propery market. By placing Research as the core of all remaining business units, we have contributed to increase the level of knowledge and understanding of the property market and also to greater market transparency. Furthermore, our active role in public policy proposals through various industry related chambers, is another clear example of our sense of social responsibility.


Since 2015 JVA offers building sustainability advisory services. Thanks to an agreement signed with experts in the field, we offer our local business customers the ability to drastically reduce their environmental impact and operating costs, through a sustainable, responsable and efficient use of their premises.

Similarly, we provide all developers and investors to whom we structure projects the possibility of significantly reducing the environmental impact of their  developments, while providing increased confort levels and financial savings to their clients.

Both for our corporate clients and our customers for whom we structure investment projects, we also offer the possibility of obtaining environmental certifications recognized internationally for their properties (LEED, BREEAM, HQE).