Property - as long as it is professionally managed - is an efficient mid and long-term financial diversification tool, both for high-net-worth individuals aiming for good returns on their assets, as for companies with high levels of liquidity, resulting from their core businesses, and/or with vacant or underutilized premises, that could potentially become an excellent source of returns.

Our Investment Management team deals on a daily basis with the structuring of new property development projects in Uruguay and Paraguay, customized according to the risk profile and return expectations of our clients. Thanks to our broad contact network, our clients are also able to select the best possible team of local professionals (architects, engineers, etc.).

From the structuring of a residential, industrial or commercial development project to the design and management of an income-generating property portfolio, the goal of our team is to help our clients achieve their expected returns by following a carefully designed risk management policy.


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Guillaume Sainpy, MRICS - Investment Management