Since inception in 1975, JVA collects, produces and manages local and regional property-related data and produces several index series that are looked upon by media, businesses and institutions.

Today, we own and manage the most complete property market database in the country, that serves us as the basis for our razor-sharp analyses and forecasts. 

This is our added value: we improve the decision making processes of our clients by delivering sound recommendations based on unique top-quality information.


Are you interested in understanding the current state of the residential market in Montevideo? Would you like to receive an updated outlook on the regional property market and some insights for the year to come? Maybe learn more about property investments in Punta del Este? Do not hesitate to contact us. We can help.



In order to address a highly diverse range of needs from our clients, market information is presented in a series of reports which differ in their frequency and depth in their level of analysis.


PROPERTY MARKET UPDATE [NEW] - Quartely published update containing the most relevant information about the local and regional property markets.


PROPERTY MARKET REPORT [NEW] - Biannual report containing an in-depth analysis of the local and regional property markets.


PROPERTY MARKET FACTBOOK [NEW] - Complete handbook produced on an annual basis containing all relevant information about the local and regional property markets. This document is aimed at international companies and investors interested in pursing their business interests in the region. The report includes a complete analysis of the year as well as forecasts for the year to come.


CUSTOM ANALYSIS REPORT - Specific reports aimed at satisfying particular needs from our clients.


RISK ANALYSIS REPORT - Aimed primarily for financial institutions, the Risk Analysis Report (ARI) describes the risk profile of a singular property development project, taking into account several factors that would increase its probability of failure or success in the marketing phase.  




Maria Villamide, MSc. - Research & Business Development